T-shirts are a woman’s best friend in summers. They look good and keep you cool and comfortable. And you don’t you have to think much while styling them – a good pair of jeans and sneakers are enough to keep complete the look. So, here we are giving you a glimpse of the wide variety of t-shirts available at Glamly from some of the top brands for women’s westernwear.

  1. Pink printed casual top – Pink is an evergreen colour and no matter how many shades of pink we have in our wardrobe, they’ll never be enough. Here’s a pink t-shirt from Madame that leans towards a bright fuschia. The space-themed graphics on the t-shirt have a very 90s’ feel to them. It’ll look the best when paired with blue jeans and funky glasses.
  2. Orange Embellished Top – Here is a t-shirt that’s embellished but not over-the-top. The embellishments are minimalistic and accentuate the rich tone of the t-shirt. The boat neck gives the top a relaxed, comfortable look. Pair it with casual baggy pants in beige or brown and you are ready to rock!
  3. Madame Pink Top H/S – Floral prints can never go out of fashion. Our designers have put them on this on this soothing pink t-shirt. The design inspiration has been borrowed from that the colouring books we used to have as children. Perfect for a day on the beach when paired with shorts.
  4. Black embroidered top – 6 out of 10 people reading this blog have a wardrobe that’s dominated by black. If you’re one of those 60 per cent people in the world who cannot have enough of black, then top is for you. To break the blackness of the t-shirt are the embroidered motifs – roses, butterflies, birds and more. Pair it with your favourite skinny blue jeans and you will make heads turn anywhere you go.
  5. Navy Blue Embellished Top – Who said t-shirts are not good enough for that night you want to go club-hopping? All you need to do is throw in a dash of bling on your t-shirt. This t-shirt is the right balance of blingy and plain. And it is so soft that you will keep dancing through the night without feeling the slightest bit of discomfort.

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