Come winters, and so begins our shopping for winter wear. Cardigans are essential pieces of women’s winter clothing, and no matter how many of them we have, they will never be enough. Cardigans come in different styles and can be worn on different occasions. So, when you go shopping for cardigans, make sure that you try on different styles and bring them home. Here are some cardigan styles that you ought to have in your wardrobe –


  1. Cropped Cardigans – Cropped cardigans stop at the waist, so they should not be worn with a top which is longer than the cardigan. The difference in lengths looks awkward and gives an unshapely appearance to the wearer. However, cropped cardigans go well with high-waisted skirts, pants and fitted or flared dresses cinched at the waist.


  1. Oversized Cardigans – The rule for wearing oversized Aztec cardigans is – DO NOT wear them with anything loose-fitting. Palazzo pants, harem pants, flared skirts, flared dresses and maxi dresses with oversized cardigans will make you look wider than you are. However, they will look great with skinny jeans, leggings and long, fitted skirts.


  1. Wrap Cardigans – The beauty of wrap cardigans is that they are quite like Aztec cardigans, but less bulky and drape-like. And, they can be worn in a variety of styles. However, since they are on the longer side, they will look the best with long garments. With wrap cardigans, knee-length skirts are a no-no, but fitted, full-length skirts and skinny jeans in dark colours will make you look taller and your frame leaner.


  1. Boyfriend Cardigans – Boyfriend cardigans work well with anything as long as your bottom is long and fitted. For bottoms, choose skinny jeans, leggings and fitted pencils skirts. For tops, you can pick almost anything from your wardrobe. A boyfriend cardigan in a thick, woolly knit will look good with casual tops and t-shirts. A dark-coloured cardigan in a fine knit can be worn over a formal shirt or a vest. You can also wear a long boyfriend cardigan with a full-length dress. There’s no end to the experiments you can do with this style.


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