When the travel bug bites, it’s impossible to hold back. With celebs giving us instagram goals with their travel diaries, why can’t we take our instagram account to the next level? So let’s get started and make our vacay memorable with insta-ready outfits. But first, some tips:

  1. Check the weather – It’s a crime not to be prepared for changing climate. How will you let your hair down if you are sweating or sneezing in your clothes? It’s best to do some weather research and dress up accordingly plus strike poses for #IwokeUpLikeThis selfies. Remember, weather-check comes first.
  1. Plan your to-do list – After the weather check, plan your itinerary. How does your trip looks spread out during the days and nights? The places to visit, dining out plans, trekking or swimming – things you’d love to do basically. Jot them all down and then start those creative juices flowing. Picturise yourself out there. Look up the websites for pictures of the places you intend to visit. Imagine yourself there and you have your insta poses ready.
  1. Must-have dresses – An outdoorsy outfit, a lounge wear, a casual and a formal. These are the dresses you normally pack when you plan a trip. But insagram is not just about posing and looking pretty. So capture special moments in your ‘one special dress’ which could be anything – ranging from a tee to a robe to traditional wear, anything. It should be something that’s you. Feel free to be yourself. After all, that’s what a vacation is for.

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