While school was all about wearing the same uniform for years, college is not the same. You need to think a bit about your dressing needs after entering college life as you’ll be stepping out in different clothes every day! To ensure that you love your everyday college looks and feel beautiful about yourself, we have some fabulous style tips that will make your life easier while getting ready for college.

What type of college do you study at?

Colleges have their own rules and guidelines on what type of attire you can wear, formals or informal. Other than this, if you study at a co-ed college, your dressing style has to be appropriate for the place.

Which outfits will you wear this week?

Though it sounds crazy, utilising your Sundays for laying out outfits a week ahead is always a good idea as it saves you from the last-minute confusion and anxiety. Keep aside potential pieces of clothing that you would like to wear for the week ahead including your favourite denim jeans or the fancy top you love. See if you would like to add something new to your wardrobe by exploring the teen clothing online sections by www.madameonline.com

What is the appropriate length to pull off?

While going out for a party or clubbing you can carry off shorter length skirts and dresses, but dressing up for college is different. Ditch those designer short party dresses by Madame and opt for dresses or skirts that come up to your knees at least. This is the best to avoid any embarrassing moments while all the running around that you have to do at college.

What type of tees and tops to choose?

Stylish tops with different style cuts look great but it’s always a good idea to play safe. Avoid low cut tops or crop tops and keep a check on how much skin to show off. Graphic tees are cool but again stick to the decent ones. Don’t wear tees that are borderline ‘offensive’ as people can make assumptions on what kind of a person you are based on what you wear.

Choose wisely and look your best at college every day!