We know how much you love others. But it’s high time you take out time for yourself and do things that pamper you. How about online shopping for fashionable, new clothes? As bonus, here are pointers to channelise your inner diva. Read on:

  1. Are you choosing the right fabric?
    Want to look slim? Then bid adieu to bulky fabrics like velvet, angora, brocade and even satin. Instead go for cottons, denims and silks in smaller prints preferably. Also, almost every fashion blog would tell you to choose clothes that fit and flatter your body type. So, make the right fit your priority.
  1. Do you settle for unflattering colours?
    Don’t just buy clothes ‘just because’. Check in the mirror before buying. See if the colour suits you or not. If colours aren’t your thing, then opt for safe choices like neutral colours, black, white, blue and plum. However, if you aren’t comfortable, then no amount of style gurus’ advice can salvage you. So, your own comfort is foremost.
  1. Are you choosing ill-fitting lingerie?
    The right innerwear can also make or break your look, especially when it comes to wearing beautiful tops. A nice fitting lingerie takes your trendy tops to a whole other level. Check if you want more fullness or support, seams or straps, and then choose accordingly.
  1. Do you want to look taller without heels?
    Western dresses like tops and jeans look cool on those with a good height. Most of us pair heels with western outfits but heels cause back pain or leg sprain in some of us. Did you know that monochromes and V-necks tops, t-shirts, dresses and shirts can make you look taller? Don’t wear tops that go beyond hips. Also, high buns, high pony tails and long bobs can give the illusion of height.

So, with these handy tips, go ahead and pamper yourself with the all-new trendy range of beautiful and stylish tops online at the women’s hotspot www.madameonline.com. Indulge!