Fashion keeps on varying continuously according to demand, season, weather and likings. In the scorching summer season, everyone desires to have some dresses that is more comfy, airy and ultra feminine. These dresses can be worn casually during the day and stylishly during the evening. Few women prefer and love summer season to accentuate their body figure by wearing some beautiful summer dresses. While summers can be a challenging season for many because this season have few layering tricks to create a nice silhouette. All you need to do is to find the type that flatters one’s figure and that fits our daily schedule, of course.

Everyone want to look unique with new different styles and trends so every season designers update dresses to modernize new look.  As Off the shoulder dresses, Denim all over, cropped flares, halter tops and dresses with slits & belts are biggest trendy summer dresses in 2016.These  summer dresses  are alluring, breezy, chic and super flirty for innovative change in one’s closet. Here are some tips to choose best items that will update your summer style:-

Fabric: – Summer is the season of hot humid environment with too much sweat so one should choose the natural fabrics mainly cotton, silk and linen. Fabric should be of light weight and thin layered airy in order to keep you fresh.

Size and Length:-  Try to grab the dresses according to your body shape. Full length dresses look cool on every body shape. Healthy women should opt for dresses those can hide their bulges and can create a nice silhouette. The women in short dress has to make sure that dress is comfort enough to wear.

Colour:-  Light, optimistic shades suits best in summers to make you feel cool as white is most versatile colour to wear. If you love wearing dark colours than mix and match them with light bottoms and accessories.

Choose smart dresses:-  In summer women can look gorgeous with the types of smart dresses available online. Choose stylish tops, skirts and dresses that drape in all the right areas to cover up any bulges. Asymmetric dresses and tops are usually very good at doing that. is one of the best options to shop online for summer dresses 2016.