You’re meeting your new boss, a potential client or a new colleague and you want to make a lasting first impression. And we all know that first impressions are more non-verbal than verbal. In workplaces, where first impressions are extremely important, how you dress makes a significant impact. Did you know that it takes only seven seconds to make first impression? So should you be in “power dressing” mode and project yourself as the no-nonsense woman? Or should you dress your personality and be a confident woman who wears her attitude in style?

Whilst the answer to this all-important query rests purely on your choice, it is well-known that office-wear does not tilt towards stilettos, bright colours and trendy womens wear. But now as women are gradually breaking all social taboos and rebelling against norms, there’s a refreshing new attitude about women’s clothing that is slowly but surely growing. Today, it’s all about the unique you instead of toeing the standards set by others. So now, your visual business card is smart, confident, contemporary and trendy without being edgy. Not confined to sobriety or conventional choices, women at workplace are getting more stylish and self-expressing even favouring bold prints and bright colours. If Mark Zuckerberg can command a fan following in casual style, why can’t women do it?

Defying Monday-to-Friday routine dressing are the dress codes, if you can call them. So what we have is slim-cut suits in mix ‘n’ match colours like indigo blue and steely grey. Vying for your attention are other classy styles with bright splashes like basic tee with pleated wide trousers or pale pink high-waisted skirt with checkered jacket or even a knee-length dress clinched at the waist with a belt. Sophistication now comes in a new avatar with coat dresses and pencil pants.

Celebrating the new-age woman who is not afraid to challenge social diktats or authority is that showcases the latest collection with its trademark trendsetting style crossing elegant feminity. Madame’s repertoire includes t-shirts, jeans, shirts, coats and jackets that evoke admiration. Come, express yourself!