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For Women, Sweaters, cardigans, coats, and leggings are a given when it comes to dressing for the winter season. But, you cannot ignore the role of the right winter essential accessories for completing your look. After all, you can’t wear strappy sandals on a frosty day, right? Essential winter accessories like hats, scarves, gloves, and boots are also much needed to keep yourself warm and look stylish in winters.

Here are a few tips on what kind of winter accessories you could wear with your woolen clothes on winters.

  •  HATS

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Be it a snug beanie or a smooth fedora, a winter cap or hat is a must-have. Beanies can be worn with all kinds of casual clothes – sweatshirts and jeans, sweaters and leggings, coats and trousers, and they are quite effective at keeping both the head and ears warm. However, before buying a beanie, make sure that it is in good quality wool and not acrylic, as the latter can give you itchy ears. Fedoras will go with maxi dresses, tunics and leggings, and sweaters and full-length skirts.



A bright scarf can add color to the dullest of winter days. Here’s the trick to wearing a scarf so that it becomes the centerpiece of your outfit – choose a thick-knit scarf in a bright color such as red or shocking pink, and keep the rest of your outfit in dark colors – black, grey, navy blue or brown. If you are wearing clothes in solid colors, you could also go for a patterned scarf. For evening outfits, go for silk scarves.



Having cold hands is not a very pleasant feeling, which is why you should not forget to get a good pair of gloves. You could either go for leather gloves, or you could choose woolen gloves. Weather gloves protect your hands against wetness and wind, but good quality woolen gloves work better for keeping your hands warm.

  •  BOOTS


Think winters, think boots. Sneakers and loafers are fine, but it is boots which have our heart. Be it ankle-length boots with jeans and a jacket, or over-the-knee boots with a knit jumper dress, it adds another level of flair to winter outfits. More importantly, they keep the feet warm and cozy and make walking in the chilliest of weather a breeze. So, make sure that you invest in a pair of sturdy and stylish leather or suede boots.