There was a time when working in an office meant that women had to dress to match their male counterparts – blazers, minimal jewellery and high heels (that set them apart). But today, the dressing codes for the modern working women have loosened up, offering them a variety of clothing options.

Though women have been making great advances in their respective workplaces, yet selecting what to wear to work every day remains a challenge. Explore the vast collection of women clothing by Madame. Look for the latest trendy stuff to suit your style.

Some women find it easier to carry trousers with amazing printed style, check or plain tops and tees. Pair it up with a bracelet or a stylish pair of footwear to complete the look.

Women enjoy their femininity, because of which they love wearing dresses to work. You can do the same. Select dresses that suit your body type – figure hugging dresses, maxi dresses, evening gowns, off-shoulder dresses and buy the ones that you feel comfortable in from the best women dresses online shopping brands. Browse through the latest collection of dresses from Madame and buy designer women’s dresses for yourself to wear them to work.

Denim is the best fashion fix for every woman; whether it is capris, jeans, bell-bottoms or slim fit. offer a vast collection of denim clothing varying from the comfy ones to the formal dark toned denim. You can easily wear relaxed fit jeans in the shades you love to feel comfortable at work at all times.

When buying clothes to wear to work, remember the audience and determine your comfort level, before you choose your clothes. Avoid clothes that are too tight or overly revealing to maintain the etiquette of the workplace.